UAE Finance Ministry employees celebrate ‘Happiness’

ABU DHABI: In order to support the UAE government’s efforts to foster a culture of happiness and positivity, the Ministry of Finance (MoF), United Arab Emirates (UAE) organised a Happiness Day for its employees at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on March 20 and 21, respectively.

The two events organised by the ministry were part of its celebration of International Day of Happiness and included sessions to promote positivity, along with workshops on meditation and a session to analyse personality through art.

Mariam Mohammad Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for the Management of Financial Resources, stressed the importance of positive energy and happiness in achieving professional excellence and success. She also reiterated the impact positivity has on professional performance and attitudes in the workplace.

“The UAE’s wise leadership is keen to achieve happiness among the communities in the country, as well as in the professional environment. The National programme for Happiness and Positivity, which includes a range of initiatives promoting a positive lifestyle, has been embraced by the Ministry of Finance and its employees.

The ministry is keen to foster a culture of happiness and positivity in the workplace, and it seeks to inculcate these values as a way of life and a natural approach to work. MoF is working on the implementation of initiatives to raise awareness on the importance of positivity and happiness as an integral way of life, in order to achieve the desired goals.

The UAE has launched the National programme for Happiness and Positivity, as well as a guide to happiness and quality of life in the workplace. The guide aims to support government entities in exploring and building a professional environment, which allows employees to flourish, by creating optimal working conditions to motivate them to work towards achieving their workplace’s strategic goals, which in turn increases productivity, quality of work and services provided by government entities to their clients.

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