At last, those 82 CSB officers got confirmed

KOCHI: At last, the whole bunch of 82 Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) officers, who lived on the verge of being thrown out of the job for more than two years, got confirmed.

“We now heave a sigh of relief that we are confirmed. We certainly owe a lot to the CSB Officers Association (CSBOA) and several others from the fraternity, who stood steadfast behind us until it was made sure we retained our precious job,” said one officer from the group.”

It was in January this year, the management of CSB, the bank which is currently counting down days for the Fairfax fund for the bank’s capitalisation, sent letters to all the 82 officers giving the shock of their life.

They were appointed in January 2016 as officer trainees with a probation period of two years. On completion of the probation in January 2018, they had been served the shocking letter.

While about 20 officer trainees were asked to show cause as to why they shall not be removed from their job, the rest of the 82 trainees were served notice for extending their probation. The union leaders had told that time the move was unheard of in the state’s banking history and that it would fight the case tooth and nail.

The bank letter signed by the HRD head had clearly said that these trainees had failed to meet the target sought from them in their performance.  Ironically enough, the bank had charged more than Rs40,000 for their training.



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