Rs100 most preferred banknote; Rs5 is coin of choice

BBN Bureau

Consumer survey spanned 28 states, 3 UTs

MUMBAI/June 02-2022: A consumer survey carried out by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently has found that Rs100 as the most preferred banknote and Rs5 as the most favoured coin, whereas Rs2000 was found to be the least preferred banknote.

A diverse sample of 11,000 respondents from rural, semiurban, urban and metropolitan areas, spanning 28 states and three union territories participated in the survey according to a document released by RBI.

The survey also included 351 visually impaired respondents (VIR). The survey covered respondents from the age of 18 to 79 years with a gender representation of 60:40 for males and females.

The survey findings revealed that, among banknotes, Rs100 was the most preferred while Rs2000 was the least preferred denomination.

Among coins, denomination of Rs5 was the most preferred whereas Re1 was the least preferred.

Security features

Watermark of Mahatma Gandhi’s image followed by windowed security thread were the most recognised security feature.

Around three per cent of the respondents were not aware of any banknote security feature.

Overall, approximately 7 out of 10 respondents were found to be satisfied with the new series of banknotes.

Among the visually impaired respondents (VIR), majority were found to be aware of the quality of paper and size of the banknotes.

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