Gulf News to sell online ‘newspace’

Gulf News to sell online ‘newspace’

Pricing ranges from AED800 to AED1500 a press release

DUBAI: Gulf News, the leading newspaper house in the region, has started selling ‘news space’ whereby the corporate clients can buy space for carrying their press releases on the Newspaper house’s reputed website –

“Gulf News has initiated a commercial section for press releases which helps promote press releases for clients,” the group is understood to have informed its potential clients
The price per insertion depends on the number of press releases the client guarantees for a month, which obviously means the more the number of press releases issued during a month, the lesser the cost per insertion will be.

For example, while publication of one release a month attracts a pricing of AED1500 a piece, the pricing in the case of 31 to 50 releases in a month can cost as low as AED 800 apiece.

However, it is yet to be understood whether press releases will be accommodated arbitrarily on payment or will there be any sort of vetting before they are accepted.

Talking to over phone, a PR executive said the new move, in a way, will help the agencies commit their clients on the publication of a particular press release of a corporate client in the storied website.

According to market rumours, more publications are working towards following this innovative model as this will help them compensate, to a certain extent, for their fast-dwindling ad revenue.

“This is not a new trend altogether as we always had, even earlier, the concept of paid ‘advertorials’ that sought to carry ads that always looked like ‘editorial’ content for the uninitiated readers,” said another ad executive.

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