Bank employees mull action against Kalyan Jewellers Ad


KOCHI: A recent visual advertisement by the famed Kalyan Jewellers currently on air has kicked up dust in the banking [employees] circles as it has allegedly shown the bank employees and banks in bad light.

The National Committee of All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) has decided to issue legal notice to Kalyan Jewellers demanding immediate withdrawal of the ad and unconditional apology from the jewellery house, considered to be one of the largest and the most reputed in India.

Talking to, Abraham Shaji John the state secretary of AIBOC, said it was really painful to see the bank employees being painted as unprofessional and lacking in commitment at a time when the banking industry is passing through the most demanding time in history.

“Though the ad theme has been built on the ‘Trust’ factor, where the Kalyan has been reaping dividend from for some time now, unfortunately it has also ended up questioning the commitment of bank employees and damaging the ‘Trust’ the banks have built their very business on,” noted one banker.

In the process to conclude the ad by upholding the slogan of Trust and put the Jewellery house on a higher pedestal, the employees of the bank [as shown in the ad] and its reputation have fallen sorry victims to the screenplay of the ad.

“The ad with Amitabh Bachchan and other reputed female actresses is misleading, in bad taste and amounts to demeaning the bankers as a whole. It depicts bankers as casual, irresponsible, insincere and even lacking in integrity, which is far from the truth,” an AIBOC statement added.

A query sent to Kalyan by, is yet elicit a response (as at 16.15, July 18, 2018).



  • M. G. Menon says:

    Well said. It certainly tarnish the image of the Bankers. The ad should be withdrawn with immediate effect

  • Pratibha vikram says:

    It’s not …true …that we are irresponsible , insincere and lack in integrity .
    At the end of the day …..truth side is always the winner.

  • kuldeep kashyap says:

    That video misleading to the viewer.

  • Saji Thomas says:

    Withdraw the advertisement

  • Priya says:

    A person who is seen with high respect Mr Bacchan taking part in such AD without judging it’s effect on big banking society is really surprising.He is seen as one of the representative of our country and being such figure we expect him to do anything only after judging pro n cons.
    Honesty is not to showoff it’s to be felt.Most shocking is how a wrong thing is portrayed in this AD.No Bank Manager can say to keep the excess pension credited and now or then he will be liable for it.
    It’s a humble request to maker of this AD kindly do deep research before making any ad and a more big humble request to Mr B to kindly judge before doing any commercial as he is a v imp figure of our country

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